Preserve Rollins Pass

You can help preserve 12,000 years of history atop Rollins Pass in Colorado

Preserve Rollins Pass strives to fulfill a Native American adage, “In every deliberation, consider the impact of decisions on the next seven generations.” Both prehistoric and historic preservation is paramount; these goals are achieved through active volunteer outreach, education, archaeology, and technology.

Preserve Rollins Pass relies on the expertise and direction of agricultural and archaeological professionals who study the area to advise how Rollins Pass should be best preserved now and far into the future.

Preservation also starts with you—Preserve Rollins Pass facilitates straightforward access to area experts and archaeologists who have a vested interest in preserving the heritage of Rollins Pass. Should any historic or prehistoric item be found on or atop the pass, please leave the item in place, then tap here to have your message forwarded to area experts, including professional archaeologists.

To learn more or to help with this project, email [email protected]. Thank you!

B. Travis Wright, MPS and Kate Wright, MBA, Co-Founders, Preserve Rollins Pass

Preserve Rollins Pass background image
Rollins Pass Visitors: Grand County is under a Stage 1 fire ban—no campfires.