Help ensure the legacy, prehistory, and history of Rollins Pass and the Moffat Tunnel outlive all of us and far into the future by choosing to donate time or funds to Preserve Rollins Pass.


Preserve Rollins Pass encourages the responsible visitor to take care of the pass along with its vast 12,000 years of history for the next generation; we also safeguard Rollins Pass and Moffat Tunnel chronology, photographs, stories, structures, and landscapes.


Today’s advocacy efforts of Rollins Pass are fully powered by gifted volunteers who have expertise in many different disciplines. From college interns to retirees, the preservation of Rollins Pass has been powered by those who transform care into action. Our second book on Rollins Pass was dedicated to countless volunteers. When battling giant issues that threaten the pass such as land exchanges, we think fondly of this quote by Malcom Gladwell, “Effort is the route available to the underdog. I may not be able to outspend you, but I can outwork you.”


Preserve Rollins Pass made a donation from the proceeds of our first royalties to Colorado State University’s Archaeology Field School—they conduct field research and archaeology on Rollins Pass in the summers. We have also donated over a hundred books to local libraries, master’s degree and PhD students, preservation groups, county governments, and land managers. We are also committed to helping rebuild the home libraries of those who lost everything in the East Troublesome Fire of 2020—including attempting to replace their collection of Rollins Pass books. Per household lost, we provide a complimentary signed replacement of our 2018 book plus a free signed copy of our 2022 book; and, from time to time if/as availability allows, no-cost (and sometimes signed!) replacements of Bollinger’s books “The Rails That Climb” and “The Moffat Road.” Any donations received will contribute to worthwhile causes such as these.

Please donate today by selecting a preset amount or entering your own, then choosing a one-time or a monthly donation option, before clicking on the ‘Continue’ button. All major credit cards are accepted. Contact us with any questions.

Names Etched in Cabins

Prefer to donate while on the move? Text the word Rollins to 202-858-1233.

The primary purpose of our work is to inform the public.

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