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B. Travis Wright, MPS and Kate Wright, MBA live in Colorado and are the co-founders of Preserve Rollins Pass and are authors, historians, apprentice archaeologists, and technologists.

With each published work, Kate & Travis carefully assure proper preservation of materials and sources: their efforts ensure that thousands of historical photographs and documents are digitally safeguarded, searchable, and shareable with academia. They actively partner with museums and historical societies to certify their collections of photographs are safe from internet-based threats, fires, or other disasters. Kate & Travis also work with area experts and land managers to help preserve archaeological sites and recreational areas for the next generation.

Travis is on the board of directors of the Grand County Historical Association and focuses on issues related to preservation and technology. He also serves as a preservation professional on the Gilpin County Historic Preservation Commission. This commission, advisory to the Board of County Commissioners, makes recommendations on preservation issues, programs, policies, landmark designations, and stay-of-demolition reviews.

In 2016, Kate & Travis were honored to have been selected for a Passport in Time project with US Forest Service Archaeology where artifacts and features on Rollins (Corona) Pass were classified as National Heritage Sites and given trinomials to be included as part of the Smithsonian’s national collection. In addition to the titles published and available on Amazon, Kate & Travis also have been published as the primary authors or co-authors to other academic research publications, including those documenting archaeological discoveries they have made or contributed to on Rollins Pass.

Kate & Travis are recognized area experts on Rollins Pass earned through extensive area exploration, primary and secondary research, archaeological discoveries, and years-long partnerships with archaeologists and federal agencies including the US Forest Service. They are active advocates for the preservation of this endangered historic site through public speaking, education, and engaging local, state, and federal representatives. Kate & Travis are recipients of a 2018 Archaeology and Historic Preservation Award for contributions to local history and historic preservation in Boulder County given by the Boulder Heritage Roundtable and Historic Boulder.

For the book launch of “Rollins Pass,” Kate & Travis presented “Rollins Pass: Through the Lens of Time” to more than 200+ Rollins Pass enthusiasts; this event included a screening of the rare 1925 MGM silent film, “The White Desert” (filmed atop Rollins Pass in 1922) with live piano accompaniment by Hank Troy. Kate & Travis are currently presenting a comprehensive slide deck entitled “Rollins Pass Rewind”—a journey through 12,000 years of history atop one of Colorado’s Great Gates throughout various locations in Colorado.

When their explorer’s hats rest on the shelf, Kate works as a technologist enabling mobile app engagement and communications. Kate enjoys cooking, traveling, and summer days filled with hiking and photography. Travis works as an information security and reliability expert building redundant, scalable, and impenetrable information networks. He currently leads a Denver-based MSP as Chief Information Officer. Travis is also an FAA Part 107-certified commercial drone pilot and enjoys aerial photography and videography. In the winter, they both enjoy playing ice hockey and snowshoeing.

Kate is a dual-degree graduate from the University of Denver, Daniels College of Business with a Master of Business Administration. Travis is a two-time graduate of the University of Denver: after graduating summa cum laude, he received a master’s degree with concentrations in both alternative dispute resolution and web-enabled information systems.

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