The Moffat Tunnel

Modern-Day Professional Photography of The Moffat Tunnel

“When the Moffat Tunnel opened in 1928, despite the known parsimonious typographical error on the portals of each side of the tunnel, the Rollins Pass rail line began to fall into disrepair. It did not take long for the Moffat Tunnel to prove its reliability and expediency; the interior was weather agnostic, and the journey took 12 minutes in darkness to travel under the Continental Divide.” (description of The Moffat Tunnel, Rollins Pass, page 83)

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Moffat Tunnel Historian B. Travis Wright discusses how the tunnel is a cathedral to engineering and a realization of David Moffat’s dream—as well as a uniquely American achievement from nearly a century ago. The East Portal Company Town and Rollins Pass are also mentioned.
Moffat Tunnel 01

Track the centennial of the construction and opening of the Moffat Tunnel!
(1923-1928 | 2023-2028)

Our five-year story started in the summer of 2023 exclusively on this Facebook page and concludes February 26, 2028—the opening ceremony centennial of the Moffat Tunnel. We’ll share never-before-seen imagery, video, and items—along with stories and perhaps some special guests along the way as well.

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