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Preserve Rollins Pass co-founder, B. Travis Wright, MPS is an award-winning and bestselling author of historical research; he presents on history, historiography, physiography, and preservation of endangered sites—including Rollins Pass—across Colorado and online. Presentation samples are below:

Colorado State University Extension | Culture and History of Rollins Pass | March 15, 2021

Learn about the vast history and prehistory of Rollins Pass in this engaging presentation. We will discuss the history and culture of Rollins Pass through photos and archeological artifacts of the sub-alpine to alpine ecosystem, and the sensitivities of ancient and more recent cultural resources. Rollins Pass contains the greatest known concentration of alpine game drives in North America. These Native American hunting traps dates as early as 6000 years ago, with most dating to the last 2000 years. The presentation will discuss how ancient hunters built and used these traps, and why the physiography of the pass was critical to their success. The presentation will also cover comparatively more recent history from John Quincy Adams Rollins’ toll wagon road over the Continental Divide to the Moffat Road “Hill Route” over Rollins Pass.

Speakers: B. Travis Wright, historian and author of Rollins Pass; Jason LaBelle, Director of Center for Mountain and Plains Archaeology and Associate Professor at CSU Department of Anthropology and Geography.

Rollins Pass: A Great Gate (Slide Demonstration)

B. Travis Wright, MPS has proven expertise in building Keynote presentations with dazzling special effects, video, photos, and more than seven dozen builds/animations per slide. Event attendees have remarked, “I’ve seen thousands of presentations and this has to be the best, neat, and cool, understandable, colorful presentation I have ever seen.”

Historian Marshall Sprague wrote about mountain passes serving as ‘Great Gates’ funnelling humans and animals from one side to the other—Rollins Pass absolutely fits the definition of a Great Gate. An example (without voiceover) is showcased below of how the mountains comprising Rollins Pass have been used as a Great Gate for millennia:

Preserve Rollins Pass background image