Rollins Pass Rewind

Rollins Pass Rewind: A Journey Through 10,000 Years of History Atop one of Colorado’s Great Gates

B. Travis Wright, MPS & Kate Wright, MBA

Rollins Pass Rewind

Our presentation takes the audience on a journey through millennia—from present day to 8000 BC. As we travel through time, we highlight important milestones of Rollins Pass in an immersive presentation filled with both black-and-white and color imagery.

Each live event is 90 minutes in duration, with 70 minutes for the presentation and allowing 20 minutes for Q&A. The documentary film, Stone & Steel at the Top of the World, by Colorado State University professor and professional archaeologist Jason M. LaBelle, PhD, is occasionally is shown with written permission; the film adds another 20 minutes of time to the event. The documentary describes the ancient hunters of the Colorado high country as well as more contemporary happenings. The authors tour across Colorado—from Steamboat Springs to Longmont—and travel with two 1,300 watt loudspeakers with stands, wireless microphones, a 100-inch projection screen, and a 4K ultra-bright projector. Schedule a Rollins Pass Rewind event by contacting us.

Featured attendee comment:

“I’ve seen thousands of presentations and this has to be the best, neat, and cool, understandable, colorful presentation I have ever seen.”

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Rollins Pass Visitors: fire restrictions are in effect for all areas on the pass—campfires are prohibited.