What Matters Most?

Rollins Pass: What Matters Most? | B. Travis Wright, MPS & Kate Wright, MBA

What Matters Most
Rollins Pass: What Matters Most?


“Thank you for sharing with all the attendees the magic that is Rollins Pass.”


Our “Rollins Pass: What Matters Most?” presentation takes county commissioners, search and rescue forces, and land managers through the issues facing Rollins Pass for the last 150 years. We help facilitate deliberative engagement methods designed to bring out the best in elected officials while elevating community decision making processes and highlighting important milestones of the Rollins Pass story in an immersive presentation filled with both black-and-white and color imagery.

Each live event is 90 minutes in duration, with 70 minutes for the presentation and allowing 20 minutes for Q&A. The authors tour across Colorado—from Steamboat Springs to Longmont—and travel with two 1,300 watt loudspeakers with stands, wired and wireless Sennheiser microphones, a 100-inch projection screen, and a 4K ultra-bright projector. We also have a 65-inch 4K HDR flat panel Samsung television for outdoor, tented events and can power our entire set up completely off the grid. Schedule a Rollins Pass: What Matters Most? event by contacting us.

The primary purpose of our work is to inform the public.

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