See Your Name in Print

Do you have old photographs, videos, stories, or documents relating to Rollins Pass handed down through the generations?


What if cleaning your closet, basement, or attic meant you could see your name in print alongside family photograph(s)?

A massive project is underway, covering the history of Rollins Pass and the Moffat Tunnel in Colorado. To best capture every angle as well as the history of this beloved mountain pass, we are seeking high-resolution photo, slide, Polaroid, negative, and digital contributions from you, your family, and friends. From historic photos of the wagon days, to the railroad era, to family excursions by car—your photos are requested (covering Moffat Depot in Denver to Lincoln Hills, Rollinsville, Baltimore, Tolland, Mammoth, East Portal, Ladora and Tunnel 31, Antelope, Spruce Wye, Yankee Doodle Lake, Guinn Mountain, Jenny Lake (Dixie Lake), Dixie Siding, Needle’s Eye Tunnel, Devil’s Slide Trestle and Phantom Bridge—known collectively as the Twin Trestles, Buttermilk Falls, Corona, King Lake, Mount Epworth, Corona Lake, Pumphouse Lake, Deadman’s Lake, Ptarmigan Point, Sunnyside, Riflesight Notch Trestle, the Loop and Tunnel 33, Ranch Creek Wye, Forest and Morgan Spurs, Arrow, Pacific Siding, Irving Spur, West Portal, the towns of Winter Park, Fraser, and all the way to Tabernash… and everywhere in between). Open old family photo albums and consider contributing your images to an upcoming book—see your name in print!

We’re hard at work on yet another book about Rollins Pass and the Moffat Tunnel—and we’d love your help!

What are we looking for?

  • Scenes featuring Rollins Pass, the Moffat Tunnel, Tolland, East Portal, West Portal, Rollinsville, Fraser, and Winter Park from the 1860s to present day.
  • Photographs, images, slides, stereograph cards, documents, and postcards. If you’re scanning something, scans should be at least 600 DPI—if your scanner is capable, scans of 1200 DPI (or more) are preferred.
  • Be sure you (or your family) took the photographs so that we can clear the appropriate copyright with you.
  • Postcards are generally out of copyright, so those are great as well.
  • Don’t have or can’t find photographs but have stories? Still reach out to us: we’d love to include as many of those as possible, too!

Common questions about this process are answered on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

To begin the process and eventually see your name in print, please email [email protected]

See Your Name In Print: Group Photo on Rollins Pass - Historic

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The primary purpose of our work is to inform the public.

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