Prior Speaking Engagements

B. Travis Wright, MPS & Kate Wright, MBA tour Colorado presenting Rollins Pass Rewind as well as Rollins Pass: What Matters Most? in front of audiences of 50 to more than 200, depending on the size of the venue. Our prior speaking engagements are listed below:

Headwaters Center - Rollins Pass Rewind - 2020
Headwaters Center in Winter Park prior to the doors being opened to a Rollins Pass Rewind presentation on January 5, 2020

Prior public speaking events/appearances for Rollins Pass (various topics) presentations:

• Honoring ‘Leave No Trace’ Principles on Rollins Pass | Boulder County Commissioners, Boulder—February 13, 2014 (Public Hearing: [Boulder County] Commissioners will take public comment on a proposal by Grand and Gilpin Counties to open Rollins Pass Road to vehicular traffic between State Highway 119 and U.S. Highway 40)
Rollins Pass: Through the Lens of Time | Littleton—May 12, 2018 (Presented “Rollins Pass: Through the Lens of Time” to more than 200+ Rollins Pass enthusiasts at the book launch of “Rollins Pass” that included a screening of the rare 1925 MGM silent film, “The White Desert” (filmed atop Rollins Pass in 1922) with live piano accompaniment by Hank Troy.)
Rollins Pass: The Next Chapter | Gilpin County Public Library, Black Hawk—July 31, 2018
Archaeology and Historic Preservation atop Rollins Pass | Boulder Heritage Roundtable & Historic Boulder, Boulder—May 13, 2019
• Commentary on Illegal Motoring atop Rollins Pass | CBS4 News, Rollins Pass—July 31, 2019
• Rededication and Unveiling of the Moffat Cup with Dana Crawford | Union Station Great Hall, Denver—September 6, 2019
• Rollins Pass: Ars Gratia Artis | Grand County Historical Association, Virtual—December 1, 2020
• Culture and History of Rollins Pass | Colorado State University Extension, Virtual—March 15, 2021
• The Moffat Road Hill Route: Most Endangered | Colorado Preservation, Inc.: Saving Places 2021, Virtual—June 23, 2021
Rollins Pass: Stories of the Past | Gilpin County Public Library, Virtual—November 30, 2021
• Rollins Pass-ion: An advocacy and dispute resolution masterclass | Saving Places 2022 Conference, Sheraton Downtown Denver—February 7, 2022
Rollins Pass: Past & Present Book Launch and Documentary Premier | Cozens Ranch Museum, Fraser—April 30, 2022
• B. Travis Wright: State Honor Award—32nd Annual Dana Crawford & State Honor Awards Ceremony | Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver—June 9, 2022
World’s Most Scenic Railway Journeys (Season 4, Episode 5) | Channel 5, United Kingdom—July 1, 2022
• Rollins Pass Biodiversity and Cultural History Extravaganza | Howlin’ Wind Brewing & Blending, Rollinsville—July 21, 2022
• Tolland as Trunnion (Celebrating the renovation and re-opening of the Yellow Schoolhouse in Tolland at Rollins Pass) | Tolland—July 30, 2022
• A Trek Across Time—Fjällräven Classic USA, Night 1 | Tahosa High Adventure Base, Ward—August 22, 2022
• A Trek Across Time—Fjällräven Classic USA, Night 2 | Tahosa High Adventure Base, Ward—August 23, 2022
• Rollins Pass: Stories Behind the Legends (Keynote) | Grand County Historical Association Annual Fundraiser, Fraser—August 28, 2022
• Drink Some Whiskey and Preserve Some History (Roundtable Discussion with History Colorado’s State Historical Fund) | Fraser Valley Distilling, Fraser—September 27, 2022

Prior public speaking events/appearances for “Rollins Pass Rewind” presentations:

Grand County Historical Association, Granby—November 16, 2018
• Winter Park Rotary Club, Fraser—December 6, 2018
Granby Ranch, Granby—March 1, 2019
Tread of Pioneers Museum, Steamboat Springs—August 9, 2019
Nederland Community Library, Nederland—November 5, 2019
Headwaters Center, Winter Park—January 5, 2020

Prior public speaking events/appearances for “Rollins Pass: What Matters Most?” presentations:

Board of County Commissioners (Gilpin, Boulder, & Clear Creek), Central City—April 9, 2019
Board of County Commissioners (Boulder), Boulder—September 13, 2019
• Board of County Commissioners (Grand), Hot Sulphur Springs—January 28, 2020
• Boulder County Parks & Open Space, Longmont—February 26, 2020
• Board of County Commissioners (Boulder) with Boulder County Parks & Open Space, Rollins Pass East—August 13, 2021

The primary purpose of our work is to inform the public.

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